Enza Zaden

Bagijneland 16
2691 NC ‘s-Gravenzande
The Netherlands

Opening hours VegetableTrials
9:00 – 18:00

Enza Zaden demokas

Every year the vegetable-breeding company Enza Zaden invests 30% of its turnover in innovation. As an internationally active family company, developing structural, sustainable solutions for healthy food is our top priority.

In developing new vegetable varieties we focus primarily on flavour, productivity and resistance to diseases. This we do in close cooperation with all the parties in the production chain. The outcomes of our joint development efforts are concepts and brands that generate added value for all the links in the chain.

The results of this cooperation and our research are to be found in our tomato demonstration greenhouse in the Dutch town of ‘s-Gravenzande. Here you can examine all of Enza Zaden’s main tomato varieties. At our presentation stand we also display other crops, such as sweet pepper, cucumber, aubergine, melon and bitter gourd.

Enza Zaden demokas2Producten
- Tomatoes: Cocktail, Cherry Cluster, Mini-Midi Plum, Santa tomatoes, truss tomatoes, beef tomatoes, loose types
- Sweet pepper: various types
- Cucumber: various types
- Eggplant: various types
- Melon: various types

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