Rijk Zwaan

Trial Center Tomato
Kwintlaan 5a
2295 KL Kwintsheul

Opening hours VegetableTrials
10:00 – 17:00

trial center tomato kwintsheul (2)Rijk Zwaan develops high-quality vegetable varieties for the agri-food industry. We apply our professional expertise and sophisticated techniques to the rich genetic diversity that nature has to offer. This continuous improvement process produces vegetable varieties with ever-better combinations of the desired traits. By exchanging ideas about both cultivation and sales, we help growers, agents, vegetable processors and retailers to get the most out of our varieties through our international network of chain managers.

In our Trial Center Tomato in Kwintsheul we can show you the results of state of the art breeding tomatoes inclusive a selection of cucumber, pepper and aubergine. We can also inform you our chain concepts such as Sensational Flavour and Sensational Snacks. And we hope to exchange ideas for the future of producing and trading vegetables in the context of Sharing a healthy future.

trial center tomato, kwintsheulCrops
- Greenhouse: different tomato segments grown under realistic conditions. You will receive by detailed registration figures of climate and nutrition in combination with production, quality, taste.

- Demo center: all harvested tomatoes of the grown varieties are presented, so you can select by feeling, smelling and tasting your favorite one. Also a selection of our best red, green, yellow and special peppers, cucumber and lettuce

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