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Blauwhek 21a
2676 NB Maasdijk
The Netherlands

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7:00 – 16:00


As the first and only fully specialized sweet pepper breeder in the world, Westland Seeds offers a complete range of varieties, types, sizes, colours, and flavour variations of sweet peppers. Pure quality, bred with decades of experience and passion for sweet peppers.

A visit to our demo greenhouse will give you a peek behind the scenes. See all the colourful, versatile, and delicious ingredients that go hand in hand with an above-average crop.

Our breeding process is tailored to the values of the grower and demand from the market with an eye to people and the environment. This allows us to regulate production, and gives you the opportunity to grow an exclusive, high-quality variety that distinguishes itself in terms of shape and flavour, on a certain scale and for a specific buyer.

Sweet peppers are our reason for being, and we would be delighted to share this with you during the trials!

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